Tax cash and pre-payment

Configure your electronic cash point in simple steps and you're immediately ready to issue your receipts - Watch the tutorialhere.


Configure pre-account printers for your production departments on ERP - Watch the tutorial here.

Printers Options:

  • Printer name: Printer name for production department
  • IP Address: IP address of the printer
  • Port: IP address port - Standard ESC/POS port 9100
  • Fiscale: Fiscal printer or pre-account printer option
Retail Printers

Halls and tables

Create the rooms and associate the tables to be able to manage orders on Xtumble Retail - Watch the tutorial here.

Entity Options:

  • Entity name: Entity name - room or table
  • Description: Entity short description - optional
  • Room: Associate the table with the room
Retail halls and tables

Automatically view the rooms and tables configured on ERP in your cash point, monitor open orders by table.

Retail halls and tables

Product categories

To view your categories on Retail go to "Products > Item Categories" of ERP and set "Publish to Retail" to YES.

Retail product categories

Write on the search bar to find your products faster - Search on all categories!

Retail product categories

Product bundles and variants

Create product variants and bundles (product sets) - Watch the tutorial here.

To manage a bundle go to the ERP "Products > Items", click on the "Bundle" tab and associate the products to be sold together to your main item (master).

Product retail bundles

To associate the product variants go to ERP "Warehouse > Item categories" and associate a related category, the article will automatically inherit the items to be associated as product variants.

Retail product variants