Create and enable your users for ERP, E-Shop and Retail services.

User levels

Set the level of users to allow access to your apps:

  • Master user: Access to all services of the Xtumble platform
  • ERP user: Access to ERP - E-Shop - Retail
  • B2B ERP: Access to E-Shop - Retail
  • App User: Access to E-Shop - Retail
  • E-Shop User: Access to E-Shop - Created by E-Shop

Sign in with Google

Associate your user with Google's Social Login to access Xtumble.

Click on the cog at the top left of the menu sidebar and click on "User profile".

User profile

Go to the menu at the bottom right and click on "Enable Social Login" and enter the gmail email you want to use to log in with Google.

Enable Social Login

Thanks to Login with Google you can select access to one of the accounts associated with your gmail email.

Sign in with Google