VAT summaries, Cash Flow and current account transactions that can be consulted easily.

VAT summary

VAT report divided by quarter or by year, the balance by month and the total debit and credit by period can be consulted.


List of stamp duties to be accounted for each month in the event of VAT exemption or where required by the Revenue Agency. The summary is automatically updated with each document issued.

Expense report

Track your business expenses in this section. Attach the shopping receipt to have everything under control.

Salaries of collaborators

Advanced payroll functionality for your employees.

Cash Flow

Useful tool for managing cost centres, corporate cash flow and for monitoring the performance of the Business Units.

Current account and cash movements

List of Xtumble Retail bank and cash account movements. The list is compiled automatically when the due dates are paid or when the fiscal receipts are issued.
To create a new movement for the management of account transfers, click the blue "New movement" button at the bottom right.