In this section it is possible to consult and manage the balance and the outstanding balance of the active and passive cycle, they are automatically generated when a document is created.

Active deadlines: sales schedules (customers).
Passive deadlines: purchase schedules (suppliers).

Deadlines are created automatically based on the type of payment associated with the document.

Deadline totals

It is possible to consult the summary of the paid, due and expired due dates by setting the search filters, by year and by contact.

Deadline totals

Deadline status

Monitor the expiration status of your documents from the list by looking at the "Status" column.

States can be:

  • Welded: Document amount paid in full, the deadline is settled
  • Unwelded:Document amount not paid but within the limits of the payment terms, the deadline is to be paid
  • Expired: Unpaid document amount and payment terms expired, the deadline has expired
Deadline states

Pay a deadline

Click on the "Actions" button and select the "Pay" item to set the expiry data.

Pay a deadline

Reverse a deadline

Click on the "Actions" button and select the "Reversal" item to reset the expiring balance.