Company Profile

The personal data of your company, address, email, telephone numbers, current account, to be able to issue invoices, set the language of your E-Shop, email notifications and customer reports.
Click on the wheel in the side menu and select the "Company profile" item or consult the "Settings > Company profile".

Company detail

Details of the company divided by tab:

  • Personal data: Address, mail, telephone number, default language for E-Shop, etc.
  • CCIAA: REA code, tax regime, etc.
  • Bank accounts: List of corporate bank accounts
  • Note: Company notes
  • Attachments: Documents, various attachments relating to the company (Visura Camerale, etc.)
  • Locations: List of legal and operational headquarters
  • Time slots: Set your time slots to manage your E-Shop orders - Enable delivery time management from the general settings, under the "E-Shop > Configuration" section - Watch the tutorial here
Company detail