The list of your contacts, customers and suppliers, entered manually or automatically imported from Electronic Invoicing!

Contact detail

Details of the master data divided by tab:

  • Personal data: Relationship type, address, email, phone number, company logo, etc.
  • CCIAA: REA code, tax regime, etc.
  • Business accounts: List of contact's business checking accounts
  • Note: Contact notes
  • Attachments: Documents, various attachments relating to the contact
  • Meeting: Schedule your appointments with the contact (see the calendar at Schedules > calendar)
  • Customer card: Summary of customer purchases, balance and outstanding view (to manage the deadline, click the purple button "Manage deadlines")
  • Contact relationships: Relationship between contact and users
Contact detail

Contact operations

Operations available on the contact detail (blue button at the bottom right):

  • Edit contact: Edit contact details
  • Delete contact: Delete the contact
  • New contact: Create a new contact
  • Create invoice: Create invoice for selected contact - operation available for customers
Contact Operations